Boleh dikatakan ketika hampir semua orang mempunyai akaun instagram. Kebanyakannya menggunakan instagram untuk berkongsi gambar-gambar peribadi dan tidak kurang yang menggunakannya untuk menjual pelbagai barangan. Tetapi bagaimana juga instagram dijadikan tapak untuk menerbitkan buku?

Itulah yang dilakukan Jason Sperling. Beliau mengambil langkah yang mungkin dikira agak terkehadapan apabila menerbitkan buku terbarunya Look at Me When I'm Talking to You melalui instagram. Bermula 25hb Jun ini, Sperling akan menerbitkan bukunya di akaun instagram miliknya (@lookatmebook) dengan memuatkan naik satu mukasurat setiap hari selama 160 hari dan beliau sudahpun mula memuat naik beberapa previu bukunya.

- “Look at Me When I’m Talking to You” examines the obstacles that collectively threaten our industry’s future and offers up new rules for getting attention in an attention scarce world, inspiring care amidst consumer apathy, and fostering loyalty from an increasingly discerning and departing audience. It offers proven strategies for connecting with today’s fickle, fleeing, over-stimulated audience. It has 20% more humor than most marketing books, and 100% more pictures. ---------- It’s getting harder for books to break through, as well. So in the spirit of disrupting prescribed models and in the hopes of being my best example, Look At Me When I’m Talking to You is going to be the first-ever book released on Instagram. Yes, INSTAGRAM. The home of selfiers and humblebraggarts will now become a home of authors, too. It will unspool page-by-page for the next several months, with a bite-sized portion every day. And because it’s being released on social media, it will be a “collaborative” book, combining my thoughts, your comments and consumer perspectives. ---------- Look At Me When I’m Talking to You will launch on June 25th. Read it daily by following @lookatmebook.
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- Some things about me: ---------- I’m an habitual over-sharer. ---------- I wet my bed until the age of 11. ---------- My go-to karaoke song is “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield. ---------- I love brilliant ideas, brave work and being the underdog. ---------- When I was a student at UCLA, I called about a job listing for marketing and selling condoms. It turns out it was for a different employer and they happened to be looking for a creative intern. The rest is history. ---------- I was fortunate to spend years working on a brand like Apple, and then doubly fortunate to help bring Apple’s “Mac vs. PC” television and digital campaign to life (FYI, there are 230 more Mac vs PC ads that never made it to air.) It was declared Campaign of the Decade by Adweek and Top 10 of the Century by AdAge. ---------- Currently, I serve as Executive Creative Director at RPA Advertising, working primarily on Honda North America. In the few years I’ve been here I’ve recreated my favorite movie, Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, for the Super Bowl, developed a massive digital campaign to help save the American drive-in movie theater, and worked on too many social media campaigns to mention. Fortunately, Forbes took notice of them in December 2014 and said, “Honda has become one of the most prolific and effective social media practitioners in the auto industry.” ----------- I call Los Angeles home. I have a beautiful wife, three amazing kids and two mutts. ---------- Thank you RPA Advertising for supporting the launch, and Bill Westbrook and Marsha Rybin for the necessary kick in the pants. And of course thanks to Nik Piscitello for the brilliant illustrations. ---------- Twitter: jasonsperling_
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Menurut Sperling juga, beliau tidak begitu kisah samada beliau akan mendapat pulangan daripada buku yang akan diterbitkan di instagram beliau ini. Apa yang penting kata beliau adalah orang ramai membaca bukunya.

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